Looking to purchase land in a new community near Kilmore? Here’s our tips.

Looking to purchase land in a new community near Kilmore? Here’s our tips.

The process to purchase land and begin building your dream home can be a daunting. Often there’s a lot of information available which can make it tricky to find the right one for you.

If you’ve just begun your search for land near Kilmore, here are four tips to help you navigate the process of looking for your next home at Broadstead.

Set your budget

Knowing exactly what you can afford will help you identify which homes are best suited to your budget. It’s important to set a budget that’s realistic and to have a good understanding of any fees or payments due along the way. That way you can help remove some of the worry and enjoy your new home.

Think about the extra inclusions you’ll need

Most of our builder partners offer a range of inclusions and upgrades to select from. There will be items that will be important to you and your family that will be top of mind. But it’s helpful to consider other items which are further down the list such as landscaping, solar panels and appliance upgrades when finalising your building contract.

Make a list of things you want to have easy access to

Whether it’s a “must have” or a “wish to have” it’s important to consider what you want to have close by. You may want to consider nearby schools and amenities, being close to family and friends, or how you will get to work.

Explore the local area

Drive around the local area to get an understanding of what life in a new suburb might look like. At Broadstead we can recommend a visit to nearby cafes, like Ah Raffaele on Sydney Street to get a feel for the area. There’s a lot to explore in and around Kilmore.

You may like to download our local’s guide here for some more inspiration.

Stage One is now selling at Broadstead. Stop by our Sales Suite at 200 Quinns Road in Kilmore to view our current land release. Click here for directions.

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